Neo-Marxism: How it infected a civilization and how to expel it.

The Left is winning.

 Anyone who has studied the history of the US and keeps an ear to the ground of US politics knows this simple fact. Over the past 70 years, the modern Left has continuously gained political power in the United States while conservatives have ceded enormous amounts of it. They have played the political game like no one else in the world, and they aren’t planning on stopping any time soon. 

The Left’s tactics are simply genius. Their rise to power is a testament to that. They have managed to sink their teeth into almost every major American institution. The power this has given them is immense. In this piece, I aim to explain how the Left gained institutional power in America, what power this gives them, and how we can take a few pointers from the Left as conservatives regarding how we get our ideas in the mainstream of politics.

Baby Boomers, Neo-Marxism, and the rise of the Left as we know it.

There are a lot of theories about how the United States started hyper-liberalizing socially and degenerating culturally. The truth is, there’s a lot of explanations of compounding factors. However, this essay focuses on the consequences of one particular factor and its influence on modern society in the West. Firstly, we need to discuss the baby boomers and the unique position they occupied in the history of the West.

Baby Boomers were born in a post-WWII America. The economy was doing great. The US had just emerged victorious against evil. The country felt like it was on top of the world, a beacon of democracy and the bane of tyrants. The generation that grew up from this period was in an economy of plenty, relatively speaking, with jobs easy to find and the cost of living relatively low. The post-war economy lavished them with its riches, and they exploited it to its highest degree. 

They were the perfect target for brainwashing.

And the brainwashing starts with an upstart group of Marxist intellectuals called The Frankfurt School. 

The Frankfurt school’s main drive was to retool Marxist ideas into a new framework that would work in western nations. These people formulated what would become “Neo-Marxism” or “Cultural Marxism.” Even though it seems as if American defeated communism in 1991, we neglected the enemy within that had already burrowed into our nation. 

In the simplest terms, Neo-Marxism attempts to reframe the class conflict narrative of traditional Marxism for a new battleground in the 20th and 21st centuries. Instead of focusing on economic inequality, neo-Marxism fixates instead on group conflict, the workers being replaced by the intersectional “alliance” (minorities, LGBT, women, etc.), and the proverbial “bourgeois” is the straight white male who oppresses the former. It attempts to create the same narrative of Marxism for a different set of people.

These ideas, in order to penetrate the bedrock of the West, needed something to first weaken its target. This is where cultural pessimism comes into play. During the 1960s, the counterculture movement is largely described as a culturally pessimistic movement relative to wider American society at the time. It saw the old American tradition as backward and in decline and opted to replace it with something else. The era of turmoil in this nation surrounding Vietnam is, in my opinion, the most significant cultural turning point in the nation’s history. The Boomers believed through what they were taught in the TVs, the universities, and the papers, that the old American tradition was rotten and unjust and in need of an overthrow. The litmus test of the American tradition laid in Vietnam. 

On April 30th of 1975, Vietnam fell to the communists, and the last remnants of the old American tradition was buried six feet under Saigon.

Of course, this was all happening in parallel to other developments in the West. Overall, we saw an assault on Christianity, that bedrock of civilization that has been the fortress protecting Western Capitalism from enemies foreign and domestic for all its history. As infamous Italian communist Antonio Gramsci thought about the future of Marxism, he concluded that in order for capitalism to be overthrown in a revolutionary fashion, the bulwark of Christ must be toppled first through an assault on the culture. 

The Frankfurt school thought the same thing. From the common origin of this school, a new breed of intellectuals, bureaucrats, and others made their so-called “long march through the institutions” of American society. Throughout the 1960s all the way up to today, these Neo-Marxist ideas that were first solidified in the Baby Boomers slowly crept into the culture through the institutions. It was a long and gradual process of brainwashing a whole generation so that they would one day gain power and subvert the Christian, western man. 

And so, it came to pass. Now we patriots sit here in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty-one wondering where it all went wrong. 

How the Left uses its power to advance their cause

If you’re a conservative in this country, then you probably know the abuses the Left perpetrates on a daily basis with their power. Everywhere, you see an agenda being pushed by the most powerful entities and institutions in the nation and the world. It’s no secret that through the TV, the social media platforms, the video games, the music, and the countless other avenues of information propagation, that the Left is in total control of the world we live in. They endorse sexual deviancy, hedonism, materialism, self-interest, and a whole slew of other practices that serve to degrade our once-grand society. Anyone brash enough to stand up to this degeneration of the good is subject to censorship on social media and the news, borderline slander, and if you go way too far, a character assassination, often referred to as “canceling.” 

But it is clear that those who are reading this are most likely aware of all of that, or at least are aware of the conservative argument that includes the aforementioned. But there are deeper concerns that we should examine more thoroughly. 

The core of the issue with the Left’s power is that they have control over the political vernacular and social fabric. They have demonstrated this by the invention of terms like “gender” in the 1960s by John Money and the slew of other catchphrases and words the Left uses as rhetorical bludgeons. Most leftists never use the term “racist” or “sexist” descriptively. Consider what ends those words serve. They are the ultimate rhetorical block. They shut down unsavory discussions or ideas in an instant by not attacking the argument but the character of the arguer. It’s almost always used in bad faith. 

The truth is that the Left, as Pat Buchanan put so succinctly in his book The Death of the West, “The left control not only the answers, but the questions asked.”

What he is really referring to is the concept of the Overton Window or the range of ideas that the public considers politically palpable. Those ideas that fall inside the window are mainstream, while those outside it are considered extremist. In order for one to shift the Overton window, it requires taking the risk of propagating politically unsavory ideas to such an extent as to make any compromise in that direction seem reasonable, thus the shift. Gay Marriage would have been considered a completely ridiculous proposition in the 1950s. However, with the institutional influence the Left acquired, the window slowly shifted leftward, and now it’s considered a must-have policy position for both parties. 

This concept sits at the core of political strategy and is something the Left has utilized to amazing effect. 

But now, with Trump potentially shifting the tide in our favor, we must capitalize.

Part 3: How the Right starts winning. 
1: Take the fight to the culture with all our might

Conservatives have spent too long being puppets for big oil interests and tolerating massive sweeping cultural change and degeneration. It’s time to dig our heels in and push back harder. 

We must take a stand against all the perversion and evil that emanates from the Left. Pornography, sexual flippancy, drag queen story hour, and other abominations we have permitted by our inaction must be eliminated outright. 

The Right needs to unite behind Christian morality and prescribe it to areas of society accordingly. There can be no room for this “live and let live” attitude that so many libertarian and liberal-conservative types have on the Right. How has the libertarian’s blind allegiance to leaving people alone to engage in immoral actions destroyed our society? Freedom lies not in the permission of everything but in the exclusion of the sinful and the propagation of God’s will. Libertarianism is the greatest enemy of the American Right. A strong enemy is preferable to a traitor at our back. Liberal conservatism and libertarianism must be eliminated as a political direction for the American Right. Our moral compass will be keeping the commandments and upholding Christian morality in the highest. Checking out of society on a libertarian island is no longer an option. 

Libertarians: They will never leave you alone. They will never let you live in peace. How long will you permit them to stomp on everything you love before you start actually taking a stand, and more importantly, pushing back? The poison will not stop if you do not cut it off at its source. Fight the good fight.

2: Get into power, keep your head down.

I know that this advice might seem ironic coming from me, but I heavily urge patriots to keep their opinions and their convictions hidden for the most part. In a world where stepping out of line means possibly losing your job and never ascending the ladder of society ever again, it is imperative that some of us who have the ability to ascend to the highest echelons of society do so in a manner so as to not reveal too obviously their political leanings. Seriously, we need people who are powerful, and sometimes that means playing their game. It is important we do our own “long march” as they did to gain power. 

If you are a like-minded conservative who wants to take this country back to the light of God, then keep your head down. Don’t pick fights. Get powerful, and don’t draw the ire of the powers that be. Then, when there’s a whole generation of Christ-fearing patriots in power, we set things in motion. We may not live to see the fruits of our labor; remember this. It’s a depressing thing, but we are fighting for our children and their children. We are fighting for the soul of this nation. Don’t compromise your principles if you can, but understand to gain power takes great sacrifices. Don’t be afraid to pursue the greater good if it means stepping on a few toes. It is a hard decision to make sometimes but stays righteous to the best of your ability. 

Step 3: Wield power.

Don’t let the Left be the only ones who wield power like a hammer. We must do the same to secure our nation’s health and future. Firstly, we must guarantee free speech on social media. This is how we propagate our message. Secondly, once our ideas become second nature after a decade or two, then we can control the questions asked like the Left does now. We will have cemented ourselves in the subconscious of every patriot. Thirdly, with our newfound power, we lead our nation and others to the glory of God and leave a repaired nation behind for our children to inherit and honor. They heave wielded power like a hammer to shape the society they wish to create. Now we must do the same to repair the damage.

Of course this is all hypothetical. No one knows how these things will truly play out if they even happen. Nevertheless, they need to involve a real use of power by the Right to solidify their ideas into the mainstream. We will never win if we half-bake our ideas. We must be decisive.

I know this sounds very Machiavellian, and that’s because, in some sense, it is. It’s a sad reality that we must accept.

The Left has been playing the political game of thrones for decades now. To beat them, we must not be afraid to challenge them and do what is necessary to start fixing our country. 

They started this fight; we’re going to finish it. We must root out evil at its source, and that means we must be courageous. We must be tactical. We must play the game of thrones. It is the harsh reality of democratic politics that the country belongs to those with money and power. We must, for the good of the nation and the glory of God, take our nation back. 

The fight for the West starts with you. 

Make your ancestors proud. Make your God proud. Make your children proud. 

Fight the good fight.


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