Capitol, January 6th, 2021

On the Events at the Capitol on January 6th

The United States of America is at the most significant crossroads in modern history.

The events of January 6th will go down in history as an inflection point in American society. The reverberations of this event will ripple throughout the 21st century. It marks the time when those who believed that the Republic’s very fabric was at stake took decisive and direct action against what they perceived to be an illegitimate election.

I do not condone this act. Political violence is something our Republic is designed to avoid. This includes violence from both the radical, revolutionary left-wing and the populist right. Furthermore, this act only serves to hurt the conservative, populist movement that Trump is the figurehead of.

The Q-Anon/Baby Boomer die-hard Trumpers poked the bear of the establishment, and all who oppose liberals and the radical left are going to pay dearly for it in the next 2-8 years.

Storming the Capitol sounds like something right out of a third-world country, not a stable country. It sends a dire message to the government: Whatever preconception of untouchability they may have is now gone. The new bar has been set for a radical protest, and it undoubtedly strikes fear throughout the whole of Congress, as evidenced by some of their fearful and indignant speeches after the fact.

Whether you agree with Trump supporters or not, you have to acknowledge that this event might scare the government into being more accountable to the people if this precedent continues into the future on both sides of the political divide. But also, this could spell trouble for the stability of the nation as a governing body.

While the storming of the Capitol is obviously a bad look for anyone and a brazen, condemnable act, it sows the seeds of a more cautious government approach to how they relate to the people. It sounds like an extreme thing to say, but it very well might be true.
Republicans in Congress have signaled that they aim to return to their neo-conservative status quo before Trump upended the Republican party with his populist politics. Their intention is not to stop the left from pushing its agenda, but to make sure they drive the speed limit to the inevitable conclusion of left-wing governance and rampant social decay.

Conservatives who actually believe in conserving what America really was will have to hold these senators and representatives to task, and make sure that they put up resistance to the left. Trump revolutionized politics on the right, and that memory of him will not fade any time soon. These people have been shown to be Conservative in-name-only, and we must ensure that should they capitulate to the left or cede any ground, that they never hold public office again.

Democrats will use this new-found power in Congress and the presidency to finally put their increasingly left-wing agenda into place in the federal government for the first time. People on the left, whether it be liberals or left-wing radicals, have been relegated by the Republican majority in Congress and Trump in the oval office to advancing their causes outside legislation at the federal level. Now, they have the power to enact the policy they have been waiting to implement for nearly a decade.

Conservatives are going to go through the hardest times in recent history. We will have to resist and fight these changes that are inevitably going to take place with the utmost defiance and resilience. Now that liberals and leftists control the government, media, and political vernacular, conservatives, that are now institutionally powerless, will have to fight harder than they have ever fought before to protect the things we love.

These things we hold dear can be boiled down to three words: God, Family, Country. Nothing more, nothing less.

Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Christ with us,
Wallace Holt White


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