Who I am and what I will talk about

My name is Wallace Holt White. I am 19 years old, and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am studying Political Science and Economics at American University, where I will graduate in 2024.

I have been active in politics most of my life. I remember the first political exposure I had was while carpooling with another family in lower school. We talked about the upcoming election of 2008, and I remember talking about how Obama “would help the poor people who don’t have anything.” To be honest, I was only parroting what my other friend had said since politics was foreign to me at the time. Like most kids, I didn’t really think about what I said. I just said it. Of course, I had little idea that my life in the future would be focused on the study and refinement of politics and how far my views would deviate from that first opinion I shared that wasn’t even mine.

On this blog, I will be writing about current events, political and personal philosophy, and the state of the world in the 21st century. These opinions will not be filtered. They will not pull any punches in regards to the facts I present and the opinions I share. If you are one to be offended easily by opinions that are not your own, this is not the blog for you.

But I do encourage all to attempt to understand the things I say and the ideas I hold. This only serves to enrich your understanding of the world. You may get mad at what I say. You may try to “cancel” me, as it is said. You are entitled to do whatever you please, but I encourage you to be understanding, and if you have any questions about the opinions expressed, to message me for clarification or explanation.

Only those who reach out should they have any objection to the content are those whom I would call intelligent. Those who see a word or phrase and shout through an online megaphone to have the author removed are only projecting their own ignorance and stupidity.

Of course, most people are virtuous and wouldn’t engage in this sort of mob-like behavior online. I am confident that those who read will make an effort to understand my opinions and think them over thoroughly.

I will end with this: I intend no harm upon anyone. I will try my very best to speak in a manner that most people will not be alienated by. I am here to discuss and think about the issues facing the modern world, nothing more, nothing less. I hope I can engage you and enrich your understanding of the world and my world.

Thank you,

Wallace Holt White


Published by WallaceHWhite

19 American University '24 Political Science and Economics, BS Conservative patriot Quis Ut Deus?

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